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  • Matias Arana

    Acclaimed director James Cameron’s state-of-the-art Lightstorm Entertainment studio was approved on Wednesday by the Agoura Hills Planning Commission as a city-sanctioned digital movie studio.

    The Commission voted unanimously to consider the studio at 29901 Agoura Rd. to be within one of three permitted Business Park-Manufacturing zones in Agoura Hills.

    "I see this as a great opportunity for Agoura Hills," said commissioner Illene Buckley Weber. "It’s going to employ people . . . It’s a vision th…

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  • Matias Arana

    After just over a year, we have assembled an encyclopedia with 600 entries on everything from big topics like Jake Sully down to things most fans will have never heard of like the Trackmate Microscope.

    It took us 186 days to get here from 500, averaging at 1.86 articles a day. We are sort of entering the lull before the storm now; the time when we fans hole up in preparation for the coming hurricane that is the sequel. We aren't going to see much in the way of new material over the next couple o…

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  • Matias Arana

    The score of Avatar was released almost a year ago, but it was inelegible for the Grammys, because it was released after the Grammy's deadline, apparently. After many months, it got nominated for the category of Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media. This marks James Horner's 8th Grammy nomination, and this could be his third win. The widely acclaimed Avatar: Music from the Motion Picture has been nominated for several major awards, including the Oscar…

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  • Matias Arana

    Last year's Oscar where somewhat a dissapointment for Avatar fans. And yes, it was The Hurt Locker's fault. This morning, the list for last year's best movies was unveiled, and it definitely had some surprises. So, which films will follow the lead of Avatar's multiple nominations? This year, The King's Speech did. It didn't only get 12 nominations, but it also took nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Acto…

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Did You Know...
  • …that the movie is 40% live action and 60% photo-realistic CGI. A lot of motion capture technology was used for the CGI scenes.
  • …that Avatars have eyebrows and five digits per hand or foot while the Na'vi only have four and no eyebrows. The Avatars are also broader in the chest and arms, appearing more 'muscular'.
  • …that in much of the movie, Sigourney Weaver's avatar wears a Stanford tank top. Weaver attended Stanford in the early 1970s.
  • …that the Na'vi language was created entirely from scratch by linguist Paul Frommer. James Cameron hired him to construct a language that the actors could pronounce easily, but did not resemble any single human language. Frommer created about 1000 words.
  • …that the year is never stated, but the video log shows that the year is 2154. The final battle takes place during August 2154, 200 years from the date of James Cameron's birth.
  • …that the actors playing the Na'vi had cameras attached to their head so that they filmed close-ups of their faces. Dots painted on their faces allowed motion-capture software to record their facial expressions, providing a 'framework' from which the CG artists worked.
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War of Pandora


The War of Pandora was a series of battles devised by the RDA in order to move the Omaticaya Clan and extract unabtainium. The battles ranged from The Destruction of the Hometree, in which the RDA went to great lengths to drive away the Na'vi, to the Assault on the Tree of Souls, where the Na'vi ultimately defeated the RDA with the help of Eywa.

The battles caused both RDA and Na'vi casualties, but became very important to the outcome of the clan. If the battles had not occurred, the humans would be still mining the planet and damaging the ecosystem. The War concluded with a decesive victory from the Na'vis, and the bannishing of the humans from Pandora.

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