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Matias Arana, Avatar Wiki Staff

Hello, recently I have seen some flaws in our Avatar Wiki's Main Page. I’ve tried to get to some conclusions and constructive solutions. Finding solutions for this problems wasn’t easy, but I tried to fix them by doing a prototype of what could be a better solution. You can find the prototype and explore it HERE. Yes, it is a big change, and it was created while I was playing with some codes to improve the wiki. Of course that it is only an option, and the flaws can be fixed by just editing the main page in a few minutes. But this is just a fresh proposal that some people may like. Read More...

James Cameron Announces Avatar 2 & 3 Release Dates
Via Screen Rant.

James Cameron says that ‘Avatar 2′ will arrive around Christmas 2014 and ‘Avatar 3′ around Christmas 2015. Also, most of the first film’s cast will be returning.

Audience members yearning to return to the exotically extraterrestrial locale of Pandora will have to wait for at least three more years, as James Cameron has confirmed that the first of his back-to-back Avatar sequels won’t arrive until Christmas of 2014.

While Cameron’s original 3D sci-fi smash frequently changed release dates before it finally settled on December 2009, both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are less likely budge from their still tentative winter holiday dates in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Read More...

Sam Worthington Talks 'Avatar 2'
Via Moviefone.

Sam Worthington, star of James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster 'Avatar,' told Moviefone this week that a sequel to the beloved fantasy-adventure is in the works. "We've been discussing that with Jim. He had some ideas he told us while we were filming, which were really cool and out there," Worthington said during Moviefone's visit to the set of his new movie, 'Man on a Ledge.' "At the moment, he's still writing what he calls 'The Bible' and detailing the world. Once he's detailed the world -- more so than it's already detailed in his big brain, anyway -- then he said he can write the script and we can go explore the world -- things like going underwater ... going in the floating mountains." Read More...

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